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Pool for miners who want to legally increase their income


We provide a legal and transparent mining of ETH and ZEC

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We provide live mining statistics and report current state of the GPUs for each miner using SMARTBOARD

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We provide 24/7 support, advising services, and announce upcoming events

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What do we offer?

Our pool is a powerful platform for joint mining of ETH and ZEC crypto-currencies. It unites the miners into one network and distributes fair rewards, proportional to the power supplied to our pool.

SMARTPOOL.BY is an official company registered in the Republic of Belarus with a real office and legal bank account.


Main advantages of SMARTPOOL.BY

What are the main advantages of SMARTPOOL.BY

The pool is officially registered on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and has an official legal address. In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 8 of December 21, 2017, the pool has tax privileges.

Miner's rewards are fair, legal, and paid out in full without delays. SMARTBOARD allows miners to remotely monitor their equipment.

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What is in for the miners?

Access to the regional pool server SMARTPOOL.BY with the lowest ping.

Access to the real-time statistics of the pool and network's complexity.

Remote control of GPUs when switching between mining ETH and ZEC.

Legal and transparent rewards paid out in full from the official SMARTPOOL.BY crypto-currency wallet.

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Additional features for miners

Advising on mining software and GPU overclocking based on the type/construction/manufacturer. 24/7 customer support. Sign up assistance.

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